Date(s) - 15/03/2022 - 17/03/2022
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Key Enabling Technologies (KETs) drive innovation throughout the economy, in particular the circular bioeconomy, and cut across industries with a trend towards full convergence and integration. They underpin Europe leadership across the circular bioeconomy value chains such as food and feed, bioenergies, biomaterials, biochemicals and have the capacity to improve people’s health and safety and drastically reverse climate change.
Their growing complexity makes it more difficult for industry and SMEs to capture fully their innovation potential, and requires an important understanding of non-technological aspects. Investments in KETS allows industries to retain competitiveness and capitalize on new markets.

BIOKET, our annual conference, contributes to the spreading of emerging KETs, by offering to all actors of the circular bioeconomy world the possibility to meet, exchange and build together a sound understanding of innovations in the processes and technologies to convert Biomass into high value products.

Our event aims at proposing high quality technical presentation allowing each one to deepen his understanding of what are the challenges and opportunities offered by emerging KETs in terms of competitiveness, new products and new market opening, to ensure you strategically takes the right decisions for the future development of your activities.

BIOKET addresses all the technological aspects of processes:

  • Mechanical, chemical, biotechnological and thermochemical
  • Pretreatment, fractionation and conversion of the biomass
  • All scaling up facet of the development of an adapted cascade process for renewable resources transformation and valorization  :
    • economic model,
    • intra and extra development strategy,
    • financial risk assessment,
    • industrial regulations,
    • consumer acceptability, ip… ,
    • with a particular focus on the sustainability and circularity of the KETs.

During BIOKET you meet high level speakers, decision makers and experts to build successful partnerships and to speed up time to market of your innovations.


What to expect from BIOKET 2022?

  • 300+ international participants
  • 3 days of conferences
  • 3 inspiring plenaries
  • Parallel sessions dedicated to KETs
  • 70+ inspiring speakers
  • Exhibition area
  • Innovation tours
  • Project workshops
  • B2B meetings
  • Gala dinner
  • Networking moment





Main topics adressed during BIOKET:
  • Advanced and innovative biomass pretreatment – Physical and thermochemical pretreatment – Densification – Fractionation
  • Technologies for biomass conversion and functionalization
  • Extraction, separation and purification of biomass
  • Process modelisation and analytical methods and tools – in situ characterization technics
  • Innovative tools: Enzymatic and metabolic engineering, synthetic biology and bionanotechnology
  • Design of bioprocesses, advanced fermentation

Who will attend? 

  • Biobased products producers
  • First and second transformation actors
  • Chemical companies
  • Biotech companies
  • Feedstocks suppliers
  • Engineering companies
  • Equipment manufacturer
  • R&D center, technical center
  • Universities

This edition of BIOKET will take place in France, in Lille, the Capital of Flanders. A beautiful city in the North of France that stands out for its unique architecture.