Agricultural development project


Agricultural development project

Section: agriculture

Target audience:

• Farmers, natural persons

• Farming legal entities whose corporate object is agriculture (e.g. companies with the legal form of a GAEC, EARL, SCEA, SCL, etc.). For legal entities other than in the legal form of a GAEC or EARL, at least 50% of the share capital must be held by farmer-shareholders

• Farming groups: any collective legal form in which farmers hold all the shares (excluding CUMA)

• CUMA (agricultural equipment utilisation cooperatives)

• GIE (economic interest groups)

• Agricultural cooperatives

• Associations and other structures


To meet the financing demands of the modernisation and diversification of agriculture in the Hauts-de-France region and to help farmers meet the challenges of competitiveness and economic and environmental performance (transformation, commercialisation, development, diversification and/or modernisation projects).

Type: repayable advance

Section: investment

Maximum rate:between 20% and 40% of the investment amount excluding VAT in a nominal advance amount of between €16,000 and €500,000. The minimum investment amount is 80,000 euros excluding VAT.