UMRt: the birth of a unique research centre in the Hauts-de-France region

Philippe JACQUES

“It is the goal of UMRt to maximise the potential synergies between its members to become a centre of excellence on the international stage in upstream and downstream bioengineering and bioeconomy research.”

Ÿnsect has raised 110 million euros to feed the planet with alternative proteins

Antoine HUBERT

“In 2020, after a record fundraising in 2019 of 110 million euros, the Ÿnfarm work commenced in Poulainvillle, the world’s largest vertical insect farm, which will produce 70,000 tonnes p.a. of proteins and natural fertiliser based on Molitor (beetle) to produce animal feed, plant nutrients and, one day perhaps, food for humans.”

Tailor-made aromas


« Metarom has 10 subsidiaries around the world. Most of Metarom France’s activity is located in Europe, the Middle East and Africa. We work with SMEs, ETIs and intercontinental groups in more than 80 countries. Exclusively for the food industry”

Molydal: the winning choice for bio-based lubricants

Thierry VIDAL

“We sell industrial lubricants for maintenance as well as for the manufacture of a number of products.”

InnovaFeed is opening the world’s largest insect farm, in the Département of Somme.

Clément RAY

“It is the goal of InnovaFeed to become the global market leader in protein production by establishing the best-performing insect protein production model in the world. The company will be opening its second plant in Nesle by the end of 2020, creating over 100 jobs in the département of Nord.”

Instead, or the art of “brewed” furniture


“A cabinet maker and designer keen to protect the environment and, above all, a lover of beer, in 2018 I decided to associate my passion with my know-how. Instead is high-end and eco-responsible furniture proudly bearing the Made in France label, made from waste grain used in the brewing of beer.”

Roquette, the global market leader in plant-based ingredients

Christophe RUPP-DAHLEM

“The history of Roquette began in 1933, in the département of Nord, France. The first industrial unit was established in Lestrem and is today the group’s largest and the No. 1 agri-food site in France. Our mission is to provide the very best nature has to offer. The group has become the global market leader in plant-based ingredients.”