Regional mechanism for VSE development support


Regional mechanism for VSE development support

Section: Companies

Target audience:

• VSEs in the Hauts-de-France region


• To provide artisanal, commercial and service companies located in urban and rural areas with support for their development projects

• To encourage investment in growth

• To promote job creation in the region

• To help VSEs successfully pass a crucial milestone in their development by meeting their demands for stable resources to finance their investment projects

Type: repayable advance (RA) at 0% interest over a 5-year term with 1 year’s deferred payment of the capital (12 months maximum)

Section: investment

Maximum rate: 30% of eligible expenditure excluding VAT in the maximum amount of €30k and up to the amount of the company’s equity.

Note: the amount of any investment programme selected must be at least €30k excluding VAT and may not be financed via lease or similar arrangements.