Second Regional Structural Competitiveness Projects (PSPC)


Second Regional Structural Competitiveness Projects (PSPC)


3 November 2020


The required projects and R&D projects conducted by a consortium of at least two industrial or services partners including at least one SME or mid-market company and one research partner.


Structural research and development projects supporting competitiveness (PSPC) require structured collaboration between economic and academic stakeholders.

These projects must lead to market introduction with direct economic and technological impact in the form of new products, services and technologies, and indirect impact in terms of long-term redefinition of the sector.


During the selection process, the PSPC-Régions projects are offered to the territorial authorities in order to receive co-financing from central government on a target 50:50 basis.

Only projects receiving cofinancing from territorial authorities may receive central government financing. In general terms, each partner is financed either by a territorial authority or by central government. The support provided to beneficiaries by central government will take the form of state aid composed of grants and/or repayable advances. Territorial authorities finance projects in accordance with their own rules.