Eura Industry Innov’


Eura Industry Innov’

Industrial chemistry and biotechnologies
Biobased materials
Key processes & technologies

Implementation date:
Autumn 2019


  • Hauts-de-France Chamber of Commerce
  • Hauts-de-France Regional Council
  • Grand Lille Chamber of Commerce
  • Artois chamber of Commerce
  • Chamber of Agriculture
  • Flandre-Lys Municipality Association
  • Flandre-Intérieure Municipality Association
  • Conurbation Council of Béthune-Bruay-Artois-Lys-Romane
  • IAR Competitiveness Cluster
  • Roquette
  • Plastium
  • UCCS
  • Unéole
  • Centrale Lille

Eura Industry Innov’ is an association bringing together within a pilot territory all the stakeholders in order to facilitate and accelerate the implementation of bioeconomy projects within the municipality associations of Flandre-Lys and Flandre-Intérieure and the conurbation council of Béthune-Bruay-Artois-Lys-Romane. This collective intelligence tool serves the public interest by creating economic wealth, developing industrial competitiveness, creating jobs and promoting innovation in agriculture and industry.


The association supports the stimulation and development of projects which:

  • Meet market requirements
  • Have a reduced environmental impact
  • Participate in consumer well-being and health

It is targeting companies, business creators, local authorities, institutional organisations, university research centres, training bodies and professional associations.

Eura Industry Innov’ acts as:

  • A facilitator, through communications initiatives based on the bioeconomy and mobilising stakeholders;
  • A federating influence, bringing together and coordinating the ecosystem of bioeconomy operators;
  • An accelerator, supporting projects relating to the bioeconomy.

Following the call for expressions of interest launched in December 2019, four projects relating to the bioeconomy are currently receiving support from the association. The next call for expressions of interest will be issued in the autumn for selecting the next group of projects.

Anne Lestringuez – Déléguée générale d’Eura Industry Innov’
Tél. : 03 28 52 93 71