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Master’s in Chemistry, Formulation Chemistry & Engineering

Geographical area:Nord
Establishment's contact details:

Université de Lille, Faculté des sciences et Technologies de Lille (FST)
Cité scientifique
Villeneuve d'Ascq

Type of training:Continuous training, Induction training
Required level: 3 years’ higher education for entry at M1, 4 years’ higher education for entry at M2
Qualification level:5 years’ higher education or more
Email adress:mickael.capron@univ-lille.fr
Website: https://www.univ-lille.fr/
Professional field: Bioresources/Industrial Chemistry and Biotechnologies/Materials/Energy/Environment/Key Processes & Technologies
Employment opportunities: mainly chemistry and sustainable development, new products development manager, quality assurance manager, purchasing manager, studies manager, auditor, product manager, brand manager, industrial project manager, research engineer, technical sales engineer